Functional training centers

Today we have set up more than 50 centers for functional training, whether it is providing pavement, material or both, both to individuals and professionals. Here are some examples of our most characteristic assemblies.


DUVA Apartments relied on our brand to adapt a functional space within its fitness room, it was one of the first “cages” that were assembled from the AFW brand.

Xs Center

After changing its location from one end of the island to the other, Xisco Serra, a benchmark in the world of fitness in the country, has moved its center to Son Servera keeping the number of customers to the maximum and increasing the gym with a small room for personal and group trainings with our material.


The QUEEN’S sports center is equipped with a high-quality personal training room, combining cardio and strength elements. Our contribution in the room does not go unnoticed. We provide them a “cage” with “monkey” bars along and our ROOT shelving that allows storage and a global orderly vision of all our colorful material.